This year Ljubljana Fashion Week was held in the newly constructed Rog Center, a splendid venue that, as usual, boasted excellent organization. My colleague Mateja and I often remark that LJFW is the only fashion week that proceeds without an excessive amount of stress, at least from our perspective. The team is well-established and anticipates every detail.

Collection 2023

This year, we showcased Collection 23, which we had previously introduced through street style photos featuring influencer Dora, our self-proclaimed muse. Consequently, it only made sense for our Dorica505 to conclude the show. The collection was enriched with several new designs, bringing the total number of outfits on the runway to 27. This, of course, meant plenty of backstage model changes and perhaps some slightly perspiring designers.

We categorized the collection into three segments. Models wearing white garments graced the runway first, with the show’s opening moment reserved for our client Aida, who made a remarkable entrance in her Mateyaneira wedding dress—quite possibly the first time a doctor has ever opened a show at LJFW. Subsequently, the collection transitioned into a colorful array, dominated soft hues of blue, burgundy, brown, yellow, and beige, with the black pieces saved for the grand finale.

Behind the scene

It’s worth noting that LJFW radiates a very cool atmosphere. Designers here strive for originality and uniqueness, embracing an alternative and distinctive approach. We consistently receive feedback after the fashion show, with people expressing their appreciation for our designs due to their wearability and their distinctive ability to stand out, which is a wonderful compliment for us. We enjoy blending our designs seamlessly into everyday outfits, without the need for a special occasion.


As always, we employed interesting and high-quality materials from deadstock, that is why the availability of identical blazers, coats, and suits is quite limited. However, we always manage to find alternative materials when the original supply runs dry, ensuring each model can be tailored in a different color.

Woolen fabrics take precedence, and the collection predominantly features thicker blazers, essentially a fusion of a short coat, jacket, and blazer, perfect for fall, milder winters, and spring. In our quest for sustainability, it’s essential to emphasize that each piece is custom-made to order and size. We strictly avoid overproduction, all samples are pieces that Mateja and I made for ourselves- we kind of live in them. We are deeply vested in these designs, as the materials we employ come from deadstock trade, sourced from Italy and Austria. For example, the leather coats in this collection were crafted from deadstock Versace leather, while the mesh bodysuits incorporated La Perla’s deadstock materials, the wool is deadstock from Max Mara etc.


LJFW hosts a showroom post-fashion week, where anyone intrigued the runway attire can try them on, experience the materials firsthand, engage with us, and solve the dilema of the day—whether or not to order an MN piece. And any other day- feel free to check our design at 😉

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