The new showroom of designer Marija Kulušić is absolutely stunning—just like everything else she creates. Marija is renowned for her sustainable approach to fashion, her unique handmade details, her innovative dyeing techniques, and her ability to weave stories into her clothing. All these qualities have been seamlessly integrated into her new showroom.

Marija Kulušić in her showroom

She scoured the marketplace for some of the most captivating pieces of furniture, breathing new life into them without altering their appearance. What’s more, she always has fascinating anecdotes about how she came across them. Marija possesses a unique talent for revealing the hidden beauty in seemingly ordinary and weathered objects. She excels in placing items in context and bestowing value upon them.

When it comes to exploring Hrelić, Marija is both the best and the most challenging companion. I’d love to go treasure hunting together, but I’m concerned she’ll spot hidden gems in the trash before I do!!

A wooden column adorned with a vase of flowers makes you wonder about its previous owner and the story behind it. It appears as though it was custom-made for Marija’s showroom.

Her signature hand-dyed materials extend throughout the interior, alongside stools she personally crafted. Marija’s love for sculpture and art is also evident in the showroom, featuring some of her own works, which she humbly understates but should proudly showcase!

The entire space exudes simplicity and elegance, punctuated textures that Marija has transferred from her clothing into the surrounding environment. I appreciate that attention to detail.

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