It is always fascinating how new acquaintances inject fresh energy and enthusiasm into both our personal lives and work environments. What was initially intended as a casual coffee meetup swiftly evolved into a cocktail night, which seamlessly transitioned into an impromptu brainstorming session. As we sat down with Ante, the owner of Studio Te and one of Croatia’s premier hairdressers, alongside Mladen, an incredibly talented graphic designer and illustrator, the concept of uniforms with a distinct and unique flair emerged effortlessly.

Studio Te

Ante wanted uniforms that exuded elegance and versatility, suitable not only for the salon but also for everyday wear. He needed attire that would seamlessly transition from regular outfit to workwear, yet still be suitable for a post-work drink without the need for a wardrobe change. Essentially, he desired garments that unmistakably represented Studio Te without overtly screeming ‘uniform’. 

And he wanted them posh (he didn’t say it like that but I’m making the long story short). 

Our collective brainstorming led us to the concept of shirts with playful yet sophisticated patterns, coupled with suit pants to ensure a level of formality. Main aim was to strike a perfect balance between professionalism and individuality.

Ludi mlad

Mladen Udovičić, illustrator, graphic artist and co-founder of Portabl studio, made a pattern inspired the art of hairdressing, and his process went like this:

“In the beginning, I knew that I wanted to achieve an impression of the unexpected and abstraction, and this had to be reconciled with my drawing expression, which mainly treats elements figuratively. The elements from which the pattern was created are strands of hair, a comb and scissors. As banal as it sounds in itself – an idea was to show a fragment of the hairdressing process with these basic elements. As this process fascinates me with its precision, dynamics and the effect of good results, I wanted to get involved in it in some way through my medium – patiently drawing strand strand, pulling it through the comb, cutting and joining the elements.”

Upon seeing Mladen’s captivating drawings and pattern he made, our enthusiasm soared, sparking further ideas for integrating details, as well as designing ratio between the blank and patterned sections of the shirts.

Custom made

In this collaboration, we made sure to balance everything just right. Our goal was for the end product to clearly reflect Studio Te’s style and message, while also feeling like a unique, custom made collection to us.

In due course (within months from idea to realization), the unique pattern became synonymous with Studio Te, decorating not only uniforms but also a mural gracing the entrance of the studio. Additionally, limited edition shopping bags featuring the same distinctive pattern joined the lineup, offering clients the opportunity to ride the wave of Studio Te’s distinctive aesthetic.

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